Sometimes I hate my heart for being as honest as it is

I wanna rip it out and put it on ice sometimes.
Then I remember thay wearing it on my sleeve has gotten me this far.
My passion is my promise. I can do a job well and love it.
But I FEEL so much more because I continuously pour myself out into other things because it gives me back such great rewards.
Some cannot appreciate all I have to bring to the table. I’ll continue to look like an ass for living my life in a vulnerable manner.
It’s okay. My passion us my greatest asset and characteristic.

I just wanted to take the time out to love myself cause I ain’t really done it in a while.
I’m amazing, strong, and beautiful. I don’t take shit, and.Ive always earned my share.

That’s all that’s on my mind right now.
I love me.

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2013 hair…?
today was a good day. good work, dinner’s cooking, new lip shade and freetimmmmme!
its sunny outside.
woah derrr!
im going out. ;)
its freezing here. -___-
hey there!
hi guys!
new piercing :)
at the mall one day